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Wet Pit Pumps

Wet Pit Pumps

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  • Date:2023/2/10 12:37:38
  • Description:​Vertical Turbine Pumps (Wet Pit Pumps )
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Wet Pit Pumps

Vertical Turbine Pumps (Wet Pit Pumps  )are available in a wide variety of configurations, constructions and materials to suit application requirements. Among the options are:

Standard and ISO 13709/API 610 (VS1), latest edition configurations

Open or enclosed lineshaft construction

Enclosed or semi-open impellers, keyed or collet mounted

Bowl and enclosed impeller wear rings

Cast iron or fabricated steel discharge heads

Sealing configurations for open lineshaft construction

Packed box with flexible graphite packing

Single or dual mechanical seal

Sealing configurations for enclosed lineshaft construction

Enclosing tube tension assembly for oil lubrication

Water injection packing assembly

Above ground or below ground discharge flanges

Multiple drivers

Electric motors, solid or hollow shaft

Engines with right angle gear drives

Steam turbines

Separate axial thrust bearing assembly

ISO 13709 / API 610

Flows to 13,600 m3/h (60,000 gpm)

Heads to 350 m (11500 ft)

Pressures to 100 bar (1,450 psi)

Temperatures from -45°C (-50°F) to 300°C (570°F)

Sizes from 150 mm (6 in) to 1,375 mm (55 in)

Settings to 365 m (1200 ft)

VTP and VPC range chart

Molten salt applications

A mixture of sodium nitrate (NaNO3) and potassium nitrate (KNO3), molten salt — like that used in concentrated solar power plants — possesses high thermal conductivity, allowing temperatures to reach 600°C (1,100°F). As a leading provider of molten salt pumps for more than 60 years, Flowserve understands the detrimental effects of heat distortion on a vertical pump.

ISO 13709/API 610 compliance

VTP pumps are available in a configuration that meets ISO 13709/API 610 standards. They are engineered for easy maintenance, high efficiency and long life in demanding applications found in the oil and gas and related industries. Key features include weld neck flanges; precision pump-to-motor couplings; a one-piece pump shaft; dynamically balanced, keyed, enclosed impellers; pinned wear rings; and API 610 forces and moments.

Barge stripping applications

Specifically designed for transportation barges, the Flowserve Barge Pump continues to be the premier brand used on inland and coastal waterways. It is a vertical self-contained, self-priming unit designed for barge unloading and transfer operations. With the high-efficiency Barge Pump, stripping turnaround times are kept to a minimum. Furthermore, its innovative pollution-prevention design inhibits costly oil and chemical spills.

Groundwater development

For irrigation and agriculture markets, pre-engineered designs, standardized materials and stocked components provide a reliable vertical turbine pump that minimizes price without sacrificing quality or performance.

Vertical turbine pump|Right Angle Gearbox Manufacturer

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